Are You Serious? Gold Coast Needs to Be Recognised For More Than Fun

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shutterstock_139825510The Gold Coast is often regarded as a fun city, a playful place where people come to let loose. Visitors are drawn to the multitude of pristine surf beaches, nightclubs and shops but there is a more serious side to the region that begs for recognition.

There is no denying that the Gold Coast has become a place of multi-cultural diversity. Martin Winter, head of Gold Coast Tourism says ‘We need to accept that cultural diversity is part of the Australian landscape and people have got to get over the fact that they feel threatened by different cultures that are coming and making their home on the Gold Coast.’

This includes not only the food, restaurants and cuisine, but with the types of attractions that have become a staple to the Gold Coast lifestyle. Beaches, theme parks, art galleries and business events are already major attractions, but there are plans to extend these even further in the next two years.

No longer will the region rely simply on its beach culture. The goal is that by the year 2016, the Gold Coast will classed as the ultimate destination for business events and an ‘unrivalled variety of entertainment, excitement and fun,’ says Winter.

Gold Coast Tourism have big plans for the future. Plans are in place for more free Wi-fi hotspots: this enables international visitors with minimal or no English to access their smart devices for easier communication.

Areas such as Broadwater have great plans to become something greater. There are proposals to turn this into a marine playground for locals and holidaymakers alike to include activities such as fishing, boating, swimming and all other types of water sports.

There have also been suggestions that this undeveloped gem could include the expansion of features such as multicultural restaurants and alfresco dining areas which display the variety of fresh seafood available from local fishermen, thus further supporting another local industry. These ideas aim to take advantage of the amazing weather and encourage people to truly experience the Gold Coast lifestyle.

Wavebreak Island has been earmarked as a possible destination for cruise ships. With so many passing by the area on their way to Sydney, adding a shipping port to the Gold Coast opens up a whole new unexplored area of tourism.

Gone are the days where the Gold Coast simply relies on the beach culture to draw visitors. A new world of tourism is about to emerge.

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