Bold New Plans to Bolster the Gold Coast’s Tourism Industry

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shutterstock_142759546According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Gold Coast City Council has approved a bold new blueprint aimed at bolstering the Gold Coast tourism industry well into the future. The Destination Tourism Management Plan is designed to drive the regions main industry, hopefully doubling visitor expenditure by 2020.

Mayor Tom Tate says the plan is crucial in supporting a thriving economy in the region, and will provide a large number of jobs as well as a better infrastructure. Currently the city’s tourism industry is worth $4.6 billion and provides 30,000 jobs, making it a key player in the city’s economic success.

The plan includes the creation of a cultural precinct, investment in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, a purpose-built dive attraction, mountain bike and adventure trails, a surf museum and a light rail system that is currently under construction. The plan will also ensure the city is “China ready”.

The mayor is hopeful that the plans will help bolster the Gold Coast as a world-class destination, attracting international visitors as well as Australian families. While admitting the plans are aggressive, they merely capitalise on what is already a thriving industry.

Famous for sun, surf and sand, the Gold Coast offers a vibrant mix of shopping, accommodation, entertainment, great food, golf courses, theme parks, nightlife and natural attractions. In order to maintain it as a premier holiday destination, it’s essential that plans such as these are in play. Adapting tourism offerings and experiences means attracting new and exciting events and investment into the city and the surrounding hinterland.

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