The Top 10 Rides on the Gold Coast for Thrill-Seekers

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shutterstock_11178346The Gold Coast is well known throughout the world for its perfect surf, pristine beaches and amazing nightlife. But that isn’t all it has to offer – there are also the theme parks. If adventure is your middle name, check out our top 10 rides for thrill seekers and brave-hearted holidaymakers.

The Arkham Asylum Rollercoaster, Movie World

This crazy roller coaster, the first ever to be based on a Batman video game, is not for the faint-hearted. Previously known and loved as the Lethal Weapon coaster, the 17-year-old ride was modified last year and now brave souls can enter the Asylum to face one of the most infamous criminal minds of all time – The Joker.  The new ride does 5 complete inversions at speeds of 85 km per hour.

The Claw, Dreamworld

The Claw is the only ride of its kind in this hemisphere. It is a pendulum-style ride that swings 9 storeys high in the air while also spinning at speeds of 75 km per hour.

The Aqua Loop, Wet’n’Wild

The Aqua Loop is a 40 foot waterslide that drops riders vertically through a trapdoor at speeds of up to 65 km per hour.

The Tower of Terror II, Dreamworld

The Tower of Terror II is a roller coaster that catapults riders a massive 100m in the air, where they remain suspended, before dropping back down to earth – face first! This ride gets up to speeds of 161 km per hour, all in reverse.

The Wipeout, Dreamworld

The Wipeout was designed to give riders the ultimate tidal-wave experience. This ride will make you feel as though you have just been ‘wiped out’ with its tumultuous twists and turns.

Kamikaze, Wet’n’Wild

Kamikaze is a raft ride with a difference: riders face an 11m drop at a 70 degree angle and can reach speeds of 50 km per hour. Although you don’t technically get in the water, spray jets are used to help the raft achieve a smooth ride.

The Green Lantern, Movie World

The Green Lantern is a roller coaster which features one of the world’s steepest inclines. Riders will reach speeds of up to 66 km per hour in the stomach-lurching inverted drop.

The Wedgie, WhiteWater World

The Wedgie is a 5 storey high waterslide that is as thrilling as it is painful with riders reaching speeds of 45 km per hour. The name simply says it all.

Superman Escape, Movie World

Superman Escape is another roller coaster with a difference: riders go from 0 to 100 km per hour in only 2 seconds.

The Cyclone, Dreamworld

The Cyclone is a high-speed rollercoaster that will take riders on a 360 degree loop. It is the tallest ride of its kind in the southern hemisphere, reaching heights of 13 storeys tall.

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